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Scroll down to find your choices. We've organized the list into national, provincial and international.


Canadian Authors Association

The Canadian Authors Association (CAA) works with beginning writers and seasoned professionals. Branch programs are offered in 16 centres across Canada. The mandate of the CAA is to help members develop writing skills through workshops and critique sessions; to develop marketing skills through branch and national workshops; to protect the interests of writers through an informal grievance committee; to promote Canadian writing with its awards program and information on contests throughout Canada; and to unite Canadian writers and offer them the opportunity to mingle with peers and learn more about their craft.

Canadian Poetry Association

The main aims of the Association are to promote the reading, writing, publishing and preservation of poetry in Canada. To promote communication among poets, publishers and the general public; to encourage leadership and participation from members and to encourage the formation and development of autonomous local chapters.

Chapters are located in the Maritimes, Moncton, Hamilton, London, Sarnia, North York, Guelph, Parry Sound and Metro Toronto .... or, start one of your own!

Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers

CANSCAIP is a society of professionals in the field of children's culture. The aims of the organization are to create awareness of Canadian children's literature; to promote the growth of children's literature; to provide a meeting place for members and friends; to establish communication with publishers and CANSCAIP members; to encourage the development of new writers, illustrators and performers; to publicize the work of members; and to promote English-French and French-English translation of members' works.

To become a MEMBER you must be a professional in the field of children's culture; writing, illustrating or performing.

Crime Writers of Canada

Canada's professional crime writers organization. The CWC exists to provide a forum for its members; a structure for socializing and maintaining links among members throughout Canada, the United States and Europe; and as a device to promote the publishing and sale of works created, edited, and published by its members.

The Arthur Ellis Awards established in 1983 are presented annually by the Crime Writers of Canada. The awards are named after the nom de travail of Canada's official hangman. They honour the best works, regardless of setting or place of publication, published in the preceding year by a writer, regardless of nationality, resident in Canada, or a Canadian writer resident abroad.

League of Canadian Poets

The League's purpose is to enhance the status of poets and nurture a professional poetic community, to facilitate the teaching of Canadian poetry at all levels of education, and to develop the audience for poetry by encouraging publication, performance and recognition of Canadian poetry nationally and internationally.

As well as providing members and the public with many benefits and services, the League speaks for poets on many issues such as freedom of expression, Public Lending Right, CanCopy, contract advice and grievance. Founded in 1966 by a group of five poets, the League now serves over 400 members whose work reflects the regional and cultural diversity of this country.

Periodical Writers Association of Canada

The Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) is a professional organization established to promote and protect the rights of professional freelance journalists. Membership in this organization includes vital networking opportunities with regular workshops and seminars.

PWAC has a great web site, well worth visiting. Of special interest is their Contract Alert section which lists magazines and publishers that bear watching.

Playwrights Union of Canada: Playwrights Union of Canada (PUC) is a national, non-profit association of professional playwrights. It represents over 300 members, distributes more than 1,500 Canadian plays, and publishes 6-7 trade paperbacks annually. Criteria for membership include Canadian citizenship, or landed immigrant status; and having written at least one professionally produced play.


Writers in Electronic Residence: Linking Canada's writers with Canada's schools.

The Writers Union of Canada

The Writers' Union is a dynamic organization of professional book writers from all provinces and territories. Members have published at least one book for the general reading public with a trade or university publisher.

The Union is dedicated to enhancing writers' working conditions, protecting their rights, and enabling them to communicate with their colleagues across the country and beyond. A wide range of services is included in the membership including assistance and advice on contracts, grievances and other professional matters.


Federation of BC Writers

The Federation of BC Writers is a non-profit organization of professional and emerging writers of all genres. The Federation's mandate is to serve the needs of established and emerging writers in the province. The Federation helps to improve working conditions and expand support programs for writers. They provide members with up-to-date information that helps them find the largest audience for their work.

Manitoba Writers Guild

The primary aim of the Guild is to promote and advance the art of writing, in all its forms, in the province of Manitoba. Membership programs and services include: access to the Mentor Program where promising new writers are teamed with experienced mentors; The Writers' Handbook, a comprehensive manual offering concise information, articles and advice from some of Manitoba's most celebrated authors; The Manitoba Workshop series consisting of one-day sessions on various topics such as short story development and narrative strategies; nominal rental of studio space; a Reading Series showcasing local writers and the Annual Literary Conference; access to the Writers' Resource Centre and numerous other offerings. Members receive WordWrap, a Guild newsletter filled with information about copyright, markets, competitions and events news.

Saskatchewan Writers Guild

A province-wide organization representing writers in all disciplines and at all levels of development. It is one of the largest writers organizations in the country, with a membership of over 700. The Guild works to foster excellence in writing and to promote public awareness of Saskatchewan literature. It acts as an advocate for writers, encourages the development of young writers and strives to improve public access to Saskatchewan writers and their work.

Membership provides many programs and workshops, awards and scholarships, and indispensable information found in various publications including Freelance, the monthly newsmagazine.

Union des Ecrivain(e)s Quebecois(e)s


Writers Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador

The aim of the Writers' Alliance is to create links among the writers of Newfoundland and Labrador; to promote freedom of expression and fight censorship in the province; to lobby all levels of government on behalf of writers; to foster writing through workshops, meetings and readings; to establish a liaison with educational institutions to promote creative writing programs; to draw up guidelines and circulate information on contracts, marketing and remuneration for writers; and to keep writers informed about the provincial and national award-granting bodies.

Writers' Federation of New Brunswick

The Writers' Federation of New Brunswick was founded in 1983 to promote and publicly recognize the works of New Brunswick writers while at the same time promoting a sense of camaraderie. The aim of the Federation is to assist members at all stages of their development by providing a writers' newsletter, writers-in-residence, information referral and manuscript readings.

A variety of membership options from the Basic Annual Membership to the Lifetime Member are available to anyone who has an interest in writing and supports the aims of the Federation. Newsletter: Members receive Writers News, published in co-operation with the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, and The New Brunswick ink, the official membership newsletter.

The Writers Federation of Nova Scotia

Established in 1975 to foster creative writing and the profession of writing in Nova Scotia; to provide advice and assistance to writers at all stages of their careers; to encourage greater public recognition of Nova Scotia writers and their achievements; and to enhance the literary arts in regional and national culture.

The Federation offers its members the fellowship of other writers across Canada and a national and local forum for professional discussion. Professional services includes: help with contracts; a monthly newsletter; touring opportunities; volunteer group life and health insurance; copies of reports and publications dealing with such topics as literary estates and archives, income tax law, literary agent agreements, grants and competition, anthology rates, and a model trade book contract. A subscription to Eastword is included in the membership fee.

Writers' Guild of Alberta

Provides a meeting ground and collective voice for the writers of Alberta. Membership includes writers from every genre and at every level of expertise. The Guild acts as a strong representative voice with the public and with every level of government. The Guild has helped give Alberta writers a sense of unity and has contributed to an awareness of community with other writers' organizations across the country.

Membership includes reduced rates for manuscript reading service; assurance that your views and interests are represented to all government and community levels; camaraderie and support of other writers; reduced rates for workshops; access to resource centres and many other benefits. Newsletter: Members receive a one year subscription to the Westword newsletter with information on markets, literary events, books released, awards etc.



The International Women's Writing Guild

The International Women's Writing Guild is a network for the personal and professional empowerment of women through writing. For the past 22 years it has engendered and supported the joyful camaraderie that comes from shared interests of a woman's writing community.

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